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Cost Effective - UAS/ Aerial drone survey methods are typically 40-60% less expensive than terrestrial survey methods, safer, and yield better results in certain applications when performed correctly. Accurate & Efficient- A customized flight plan will be created and deployed for each project catering to the desired output and project tolerances. The flight plan geometry is automatically adjusted for maximum efficiency and used throughout the lifespan of a project ensuring consistent, accurate and repeatable results. Flight trajectory and internal system parameters are stored and repeated throughout. Safety- Flight plans are specifically designed to restrict the drone from operating over any pedestrians and or moving vehicles that are not a part of the mission. Onboard remote sensing technology eliminate exposure to unsafe terrain, hazardous areas and or otherwise inaccessible terrain. The drone is also equipped with automated fail safes


Preliminary Design Survey Support
Aerial Mapping
Utility Mapping
Volume Analysis
Design Build Scoping
Construction Progress Monitoring
Route Reconnaissance/Selection
Jobsite Inventory

Asset Monitoring
Base Map Generation/Land Cover
Environmental Assessment/ Remediation/

Structural Inspection
Site Planning

It is our mission to provide innovative cost-effective solutions by implementing new technologies and augmenting workflows to better fulfill our client needs, standards and expectations. Through the use of an unmanned aerial system (UAS), more commonly referred to as drone technology, our team of professionals have the knowledge and experience to provide industry leading solutions for a multitude of applications. The cost savings attributed to using drone technology can be significant in addition to reduced turnaround time and increased safety all while still maintaining survey grade accuracies.

The drone can be immediately deployed in most situations with the ability to acquire unprecedented high-resolution images and or video used to generate 3-D point clouds, digital elevation models and orthomosaics. The drone eliminates many challenges associated to dynamic site conditions while expediting deliverables and mitigating problems associated with volume analysis, invoice reconciliation, progress reporting, construction monitoring and safety. The drone is extremely useful when acquiring data in areas with access limitations and or potential safety hazards/ risks. The drone’s remote sensing capabilities often alleviates the necessity for traffic control as well as project delays associated to permitting and access restrictions. Our dedicated team and iterative approach will repeatedly exceed client expectations and ensure the success of any project.