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Services and Technology

Our passion is to collaborate in identifying and recognizing your unique expectations and needs in order to determine the best approach in providing innovative, cost effective, quality service. Extensive manpower resources, strategically located offices across North America, and our strategic partners allow us to service any of your project-based needs throughout the lower 48 States, Alaska and Canada. It is our primary goal to offer the highest level of service through the incorporation of new technology. The standards by which you operate are the guideposts by which we define success. We look forward to working with you.
  • Survey

    Route Reconnaissance & Selection
    Preliminary & Design Survey
    As-Built & Construction Survey
    SUE Investigations
    HCA, Line Class & Obstructions Surveys
    Remediation Surveys
    Topographic Surveys
    Gathering System Layout
    Boundary Surveys
    ALTA/ACSM Surveys
    Existing Asset Surveys
    Base Map Generation
    LiDAR/Aerial Mapping
    Property Exhibit Generation
    Certified Plat Development
    Well Package Development
    HDD Design Drawings
    Permit Crossing Drawings
    Alignment Sheet Generation

  • Right-of-Way

        Title Research
        Land/ROW Records Management
        Land Right Negotiations/Acquisition
        Permit Filing/Management
        Land Database Management
        Surface & Mineral Title Examination
        Genealogy Research
        Division Order Preparation
        Construction Support & Outreach
        Compliance & Litigation Support
        Due Diligence

  • GIS

    Web Application Development
    Full Company GIS Support 
    System Integration Consulting 
    Document Scanning/OCR Extraction  
    Acquisition and Asset Mapping 
    Land Records and Database Management 
    GIS Project Management 
    Geodatabase Creation/Management 
    Mobil GIS Applications 
    Facility Mapping/MAOP Tracking
    Property Exhibit Generation
    Alignment Sheet Generation
    Automated Data Management

  • LiDAR & Aerial Mapping

    The use of Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) cameras mounted on helicopters or fixed wing aircraft has changed the standard in the market when it comes to collecting topographic and geographical design information.  

    This technology allows for proposed routes to be flown based on the assumed points of intersection with defined areas of coverage to either side of the proposed centerline.  From this flight, detailed survey grade Digital Terrain Models are developed in concert with accurate Aerial Orthophotography for the project design team to utilize throughout the engineering and constructability phases of a given project.

    Encompass LiDAR Technology – Associated equipment  
     - Airborne LiDAR
         Fixed Wing Drone
         Rotary Drone
         Fixed Wing Plane

     - Terrestrial LiDAR
         Mobile Mapping
         3-D Scanning

  • High Definition Survey/Laser Scanning

    This type surveying system is a high-speed, high-accuracy laser scanner with a 360° x 270° field of view. The technology can scan any interior/exterior of man-made/natural structures or areas within its field of view and create a complete raw data set in the form of a 3D image made up of millions of points of data, called a "3D point cloud".  Every two points of the 3D point cloud provide direct point to point measurements within AutoCAD.  

    Quick, complete surface geometry is safely and accurately captured with the High-Definition Surveying system.  More accurate, complete as-builts for retrofit design projects translate into better retrofit designs and can be derived safer and with a higher level of detail.

  • Blue Sky Evolution

    Skyline is the most powerful and robust tool for generating alignment sheets. Data driven and built on cutting edge technology, Skyline takes you to clean alignment sheets faster and easier. Skyline automatically populates a project database as you create alignment sheets. The format populated is the industry standard for new construction and can feed into the vast majority of operational data models.

    • Easily create a database that can load into other models.
    • Manage & maintain the safety of your lines and pipes with the ability to process changes quickly.
    • Information on the sheets will always match the data ensuring standardized data.
    • Provides adaptable deliverables for multiple workflows.
    • Data is loadable into PODS, PODS Spatial, UPDM and APDM
  • Plat Mapper

    Plat Mapper automates Plat Exhibits for Survey and Right-of-Way acquisitions.  This software can automate 1 to 100's of Plat Exhibits at one time.  Plat Mapper saves on time and money with quicker production rates.

    • Automates the cutting of Plats into separate Plats (Plats are numbered per the Parcel Tract Id Numbers) Automates the trimming of each Parcel Tract while setting all the viewport scaling in paperspace.
    • Automates the calculations for Length, Rods and Acreages for Permanent Easement, Temporary Workspace and Additional Temporary Workspace.
    • Automates Bearing and Distance for centerline and property lines.
    • Automates the Line Table for bearing and distances.
  • Route Mapper

    Route Mapper automates survey-mapping construction and as-built packages, Engineering design, cover sheets, alignment sheets 2D-3D, permits, integrity sheets, site plans, HCA maps, traffic control maps and more.

    • Dramatically increase productivity
    • All data is written to a project database for easy management
    • Process changes extremely quickly
    • Data is loadable into PODS, PODS Spatial, UPDM and APDM
    • Reduce the duplication of effort
    • Cut sheets from PODS Spatial data
  • Data Halo

    DataHalo is our preferred web-based pipeline survey data checking tool that can be run on-site or remotely.  The system is configurable to any clients’ data standards, and not only checks the data but stages the final validated data for the clients’ database delivery at project completion.   With this method of handling data, the time required to deliver final data is greatly reduced and the savings passed on to the client.

    How It Works:

    Once data is collected, it is imported, automatically checked and loaded directly to be displayed on a map.  In addition to checking the data attributes DataHalo will look for consistency in attributes such as x-ray numbers, point numbers, and clusters of points. This will automatically flag any abnormal items for further Survey Data Technician review.  DataHalo will also track progress and show gaps in the survey data, both horizontally and vertically, with an auto generated map feature and a profile generator to graphically show the pipeline elevations.  Pipe tally information, collected electronically, is imported and automatically checked against the survey data to find potential mis-keyed material information.  

    Clients are given an account login so they can also view the data, who collected the data and when it was collected and imported.  Clients will also have the ability to receive a daily, weekly, or specified duration progress report of the data being collected via looking at the actual data and the reports. The map options can be used for a visual reference of progress and data tracking.